Parker Jacobs

I caught up with Go Go 13's Parker Jacobs. Although Go Go 13 is located in Southern California, they got their start in St. George, Utah in the early 90's. Parker talked about seeing a Bad Manners show that made a huge impact on him. He said, "That show changed my life... they put on such an amazing show... I was like 'this is it, this is my thing, this is what I love'... ever since then I had to start a band with my brother Tyler... then my brother in California saw what we were doing and started The Aquabats... where I'm at right now in my life, it all happened from that one show."


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  2. Brandon...

    This thing is coming together nicely. Wow... Toots, Parker Jacobs, the Slackers, me at JakeFest LOL. Can't wait to see it.